Dates and fees


Please find below the dates and prices of the Lemania Summer Camp for our English, French and IELTS preparation programmes.

Students can follow each program as boarders or day students. Our boarding school is located on the urban campus of Lemania, in the center of Lausanne.

Scroll down to see our rates or go directly to the programme you are interested in by clicking on the links below:

IELTS Preparation Programme

English Programme

French Programme

The Lemania Summer Camp also offers optional services.

IELTS Programme

Lemania Summer Camp is one of the first swiss camps providing an IELTS programme. We prepare the participants for this English test, recognized worldwide, and to pass the examination at the end of their stay. 

Like all Lemania Summer Camp programmes, it can be followed by boarders and day students.

For a better preparation and optimum efficiency, we recommend that students participate 4 weeks in our programme. 

Check out the dates and prices of our IELTS programme below (click on the category that interests you to view information).

French and English Programmes

Our summer English or French programmes are the specialty of Lemania School since the creation of the Summer Camp. They are perfect for learning or perfecting English or French while having an intensive programme of activities to enjoy summer on the largest freshwater lake in Europe!

Like all our Lemania Summer Camp’s programmes, they can be followed by boarders and day students.

Check out the dates and prices of our English and French as below (click on the category that interests you to view information).

Additional costs and optional services

Additional costs

For all the students

Enrolment fees

Mandatory for all the students 

CHF 150.-

For boarders


Boarders must pay a Key Deposit for their room key upon arrival. This amount will be refunded when the key is
returned on their departure. There will be no refund if the key is lost.

CHF 100.- / 100 € / 100 US$

Optional services

For all the students

Transfer by a shool’ staff by train/car

only on Sunday from 10am to 6pm

One way: CHF 125.-
Return: CHF 250.-

Shuttle service

Our taxi driver will pick you up and transport you safely and comfortably from or to Lemania Summer Camp.

One way
From/to Geneva airport : CHF 280.-
From/to Zurich airport : CHF 980.-

From and to Geneva airport : CHF 560.-
From and to Zurich airport : CHF 1’960.-

Groupe’s transfer

(minimum 7 students) at anytime:

From/to Geneva airport : return CHF 75.-/student

Private language tuition

Our private lessons give you the opportunity to improve your language skills more efficiently.

CHF 130.- per hour

Express mail

Our express mail service allows you to receive your confirmation letter, invoice or visa letter promptly if needed.

CHF 130.- per shipment

Optional services

For day students only (services included for boarders)


Included for boarders

Our restaurant offers healthy meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

1 lunch : CHF 20.-

5 lunches : CHF 100.-


Included for boarders

To fully enjoy the summer by participating in our cultural, sport and social activities, together with the boarders.

1 activity : from CHF 40.- to CHF 130.-*

Activity pack (5-6 activities*): CHF 400.-, insurance included

Europa Park extra activity: CHF 650.-

*Depending on the activities

Health Insurance

Included for boarders

Mandatory for students taking activities individually. Our health insurance is already included for boarders and in the Activity pack.

Cost per week : CHF 50.- (CHF 100.- per week if over 25 years old)

Parents may send an additional amount of Pocket money for students attending the Summer Camp. The school will keep this money in a safe and give the required amount to the student if needed.

We answer all your questions as soon as possible at or at +41 (0) 21 320 15 01.